Kathleen Grant Jaeger

Standard Name: Jaeger, Kathleen Grant


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Intertextuality and Influence Georgiana Fullerton
Scholar Kathleen Grant Jaeger claims that after 1869, on the combined orders of her husband , her confessor, and her physician [GF ] then ceased to write fiction and restricted herself to translations and...
Literary responses Georgiana Fullerton
The Athenæum published a positive review of Constance Sherwood on 16 September 1865, claiming that GFhas written a book which no one can read without deep interest; and she has written it in an...
Publishing Georgiana Fullerton
The novel was serialised in the United States by The Catholic World from April 1865. It first appeared in three volumes by 16 September the same year. According to scholar Kathleen Grant Jaeger , this...
Textual Features Georgiana Fullerton
In constrasting these two women, Fullerton characterises Anne as circumspect, and Constance as confident and spontaneous. According to Kathleen Grant Jaeger , their differing religious upbringings are also central to their characters, as unlike Anne...


1859: Frances Margaret Taylor (as the Authoress...

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Frances Margaret Taylor (as the Authoress of Eastern Hospitals and English Nurses) published her historicalnovelTyborne, and 'who went thither in the days of Queen Elizabeth'.


Jaeger, Kathleen Grant, and William Speed Hill. “Martyrs or Malignants? Some Nineteenth-Century Portrayals of Elizabethan Catholics”. Wrestling With God, edited by Mary Ellen Henley, Mary E Henley, 2001, pp. 253-74.