Julie Andrews

Standard Name: Andrews, Julie


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Literary responses Selima Hill
Critic Deryn Rees-Jones remarks that SH 's dreamlike and surreal material demands that the reader respond both viscerally and intellectually.
Rees-Jones, Deryn. “My Love and Other Animals”. Mslexia, Vol.
, p. 43.
Sometimes, she adds, the effect is of celebration of cannibalism meet[ing] Julie Andrews singing...
Textual Production P. L. Travers
Although the book has been received primarily as children's literature, PLT claimed that she never wrote specifically for children. This first book was published in London by Gerald Howe, and in New York by...
Textual Production P. L. Travers
Although PLT admired Julie Andrews (here making her debut) for her acting professionalism, she did not approve of Disney's oversimplification and unnecessary sugarcoating of her heroine. She held that Mary Poppins was already beloved for...


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