Lady Emmeline Stuart Wortley

Standard Name: Wortley, Lady Emmeline Stuart


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Dedications L. E. L.
It was dedicated to Lady Emmeline Stuart Wortley , descendant of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu . A modern reprint appeared in 1992.
Reception Catherine Gore
When CG 's play won the prize, a storm of controversy arose, in which the result was contested and every aspect of the selection process subjected to scrutiny and argument. There were rumours of fixing...
Textual Features Dorothy Wellesley
DW 's selection, though, demonstrates a serious interest in women's literary and feminist history. Of the selections whose authors can be identified, almost half are women. Though Marguerite, Lady Blessington , doyenne of the albums...
Textual Production Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington
Marguerite Blessington edited the annual The Keepsake, in succession to F. M. Reynolds , Caroline Norton , and Lady Emmeline Stuart Wortley .
Library catalogues all have the period of her editorship as 1841-1850.
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Feldman, Paula R., editor. British Women Poets of the Romantic Era. John Hopkins University Press.


August 1843: Lady Emmeline Wortley's play Moonshine was...

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August 1843

Lady Emmeline Wortley 's play Moonshine was condemned by the critics when it opened at the Haymarket .


Reynolds, Frederic Mansel et al., editors. The Keepsake. Hurst, Chance; R. Jennings.