Elinor Louisa Huddart

Standard Name: Huddart, Elinor Louisa


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By 15 April 1882: Elinor Louisa Huddart, writing as Louisa...

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By 15 April 1882

Elinor Louisa Huddart , writing as Louisa Ronile, published Via Crucis.

By 24 February 1883: Elinor Louisa Huddart, as Elinor Hume, released...

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By 24 February 1883

Elinor Louisa Huddart , as Elinor Hume, released My Heart and I, a novel successful enough to cover its own costs.

By 12 September 1885: As the author of My Heart and I, Elinor Huddart...

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By 12 September 1885

As the author of My Heart and I, Elinor Huddart published through Remington and Company her novelCommonplace Sinners, which another publisher, Bentley , had rejected as immoral.

1890: As the author of Commonplace Sinners, Elinor...

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As the author of Commonplace Sinners, Elinor Huddart published her novelA Modern Milkmaid.

1891: Elinor Huddart anonymously published her...

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Elinor Huddart anonymously published her semi-autobiographicalnovelLeslie, about a woman's hatred for her father and love for her mother, whose death then devastates her.


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