Jawaharlal Nehru

Standard Name: Nehru, Jawaharlal


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Cultural formation Annie Besant
Jawaharlal Nehru was tutored by F. T. Brooks , a Theosophist recommended to Nehru's father by AB .
Taylor, Anne. Annie Besant: A Biography. Oxford University Press.
Friends, Associates Edith Templeton
Her second husband's high social status enabled her while in Asia to meet Nehru , the Dalai Lama, and the Panchen Lama, and while in England to become, in her own later words, one of...
Literary responses Pearl S. Buck
It is said that Jawaharlal Nehru read this book aloud to Mahatma Gandhi when the latter was ill in bed, and made him laugh out loud.
Spurling, Hilary. Pearl Buck in China. Simon and Schuster.
Literary Setting Hélène Cixous
Cixous had, by 2001, written five plays for Mnouchkine 's Théâtre du Soleil , besides translating Greek tragedies for them in the early nineties.
Running-Johnson, Cynthia. “Cixous’s Left and Right Hands of Writing in <span data-tei-ns-tag="tei_title" data-tei-title-lvl="m">Tambours sur la digue</span> and <span data-tei-ns-tag="tei_title" data-tei-title-lvl=‘m’>Osnabrück</span&gt”;. French Forum, Vol.
, No. 3, pp. 111-22.
She has said that she values her theatrical writing for...
politics Eleanor Rathbone
A month after ER released An Open Letter to Some Indian Friends, she and Jawaharlal Nehru corresponded briefly but intensively about British imperialism, and British and Indian nationalism.
Stocks, Mary. Eleanor Rathbone: A Biography. Gollancz.
337, 342, 363
Alberti, Johanna. Eleanor Rathbone. Sage Press.
politics Dora Russell
In Delhi she had a brief, courteous meeting with Prime Minister Nehru , with whom she discussed socialism, communism, and governmental regulation of international travel. Russell attended the World Conference of Mothers organized by the...
politics Ethel Savi
ES noticed many changes in Indian life and society. When confronted with a washerman who overcharged, she comments on a new outlook in India, where a labourer had always been worthy of his hire, and...


15 February 1942: Singapore, held by Britain, fell to Japanese...

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15 February 1942

Singapore, held by Britain, fell to Japanese forces.

22 March 1947: Lord Louis Mountbatten arrived in Delhi as...

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22 March 1947

Lord Louis Mountbatten arrived in Delhi as the last Viceroy of India, with a brief to end British rule by June 1948. He accelerated this timetable, and Independence was dated 15 August 1947.

14 August 1947: Because astrologers found this day more auspicious...

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14 August 1947

Because astrologers found this day more auspicious than the 15th, set for Independence from Britain for both India and Pakistan, India's national assembly sat from this afternoon until Independence dawned at midnight.

31 October 1984: Indira Gandhi, who had been Prime Minister...

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31 October 1984

Indira Gandhi , who had been Prime Minister of India with only one short break since 1967, was assassinated, shot down in her garden by two of her body-guards who were Sikhs, in retaliation for...


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