Elizabeth Percy, Duchess of Northumberland

Standard Name: Northumberland, Elizabeth Percy,,, Duchess of
Used Form: the Countess (later Duchess) of Northumberland


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Dedications Barbara Hofland
BH supplied the text to engravings for Richmond and its Surrounding Scenery, dedicated with permission to the Duchess of Northumberland .
Butts, Dennis. Mistress of our Tears, A Literary and Bibliographical Study of Barbara Hofland. Scolar Press.
Dedications Charlotte Lennox
The full title was Memoirs for the History of Madame de Maintenon and of the last age; Lennox published it as the author of The Female Quixote. The price was fifteen shillings; the...
Dedications Jean Marishall
JM then thought of dedicating her novel to the queen. Her brother's commanding officer said he would present the work at court; but then, on second thoughts, he decided a novel was not a work...
Family and Intimate relationships Frances Seymour, Countess of Hertford
The first child of seventeen-year-old Frances, Countess of Hertford , was born: a daughter christened Elizabeth .
Hughes, Helen Sard. The Gentle Hertford, Her Life and Letters. Macmillan.
Friends, Associates Jean Marishall
While in LondonJM was in touch with a long list of patrons or prospective patrons, including those eminent in both the social and literary worlds. The socially prominent included (as well as a colonel...
Occupation Jean Marishall
Despite her own skimpy education, she ran a periodical in London (which did not pay), as well as working for children's publisher John Newbery . She consulted about the periodical with the Duchess of Northumberland


12 February 1765: Thomas Percy published his edited Reliques...

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12 February 1765

Thomas Percy published his edited Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, a rediscovery of poems from the middle ages. He dedicated it to the Duchess of Northumberland , daughter of the poet and letter-writer Lady Hertford .

September 1770: It was rumoured that the Duke and Duchess...

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September 1770

It was rumoured that the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland planned to hold not one but two Public Days a week.
The duchess was a letter-writer of note; her mother, as Lady Hertford , had...

October 1774: The Duchess of Northumberland took an active...

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October 1774

The Duchess of Northumberland took an active part in her son's campaign to be elected for Westminster in the general election (polling ran into November in some districts).


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