Charles Montagu, first Earl of Halifax

Standard Name: Halifax, Charles Montagu,,, first Earl of
Used Form: Lord Halifax


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Dedications Sarah Fyge
The full title is Poems on Several Occasions, Together with a Pastoral; the pastoral is entitled The Fond Shepherdess. The title-page says Mrs. S. F.,
Fyge, Sarah. Poems on Several Occasions. J. Nutt.
the dedication to Lord Halifax is signed...
Dedications Catharine Trotter
It was published the same year, dedicated to Lord Halifax . Like Fatal Friendship, it carried commendatory verses by Lady Piers which situate Trotter as an heir to both Behn and Philips .
Publishing Susanna Centlivre
A week later (14 October) came SC 's companion-piece, An Epistle to Mrs. Wallup, now in the train of Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Wales , as it was sent to her at the...
Textual Features Elizabeth Thomas
This collection contains the harvest of Thomas's poetic career. Her Muse, she says, is unfashionably incapable of dealing with love or obscenity: this shows clearly that her original poetic context was a Restoration one.
Thomas, Elizabeth. Miscellany Poems on Several Subjects. Thomas Combes.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Sarah, Lady Piers
But she moves on from celebration to warning: the human race is fallen, and a ruler needs to guard against ambition (This second Paradise, oh hazard not),
Sarah, Lady Piers,. George for Britain. A Poem. Bernard Lintott.
faction, and rebellion (imaged as...


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