Esmé Stuart

Standard Name: Stuart, Esmé
Used Form: Esme Stuart


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Textual Production Christabel Coleridge
After this CC collaborated with Yonge and Bramston on three more titles which, according to literary historian John Sutherland, were faddish at the end of the century: Astray, A Tale of a Country...
Textual Production Frances Mary Peard
The National Society's Depository , an offshoot of the Anglican National Society , had been founded to publish religious reading-matter for the young.
“About The National Society (Church of England) for Promoting Religious Education”. The National Society for Promoting Religious Education: The Society.
It issued a number of titles by FMP , many of them...
Textual Production Charlotte Yonge
CY participated in another collaborative work: Astray, A Tale of a Country Town, with Mary Bramston , Christabel Coleridge , and Esmé Stuart .
Athenæum. J. Lection.
3077 (1886): 495


July 1889
Women's Suffrage: A Reply appeared in the Fortnightly Review to counter Mary Augusta Ward 's Appeal Against Female Suffrage in the previous month's Nineteenth Century.