Edward Shanks

Standard Name: Shanks, Edward


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Literary responses Margery Allingham
MA 's agent Paul Reynolds , calling it a satire of Victorian life,
Martin, Richard. Ink in Her Blood: The Life and Crime Fiction of Margery Allingham. UMI Research Press, 1988.
doubted this book would suit the American taste. Sure enough, the New York Times gave it a very unfavourable review to...
Literary responses Stella Gibbons
The volume attracted positive attention from critics: Edward Shanks praised it and Frank Whitaker called her a poet of genius.
Oliver, Reggie. Out of the Woodshed: A Portrait of Stella Gibbons. Bloomsbury, 1998.
Literary responses Romer Wilson
This novel incited much discussion in artistic and literary circles. Particularly debated was the fact that RW sets her story in Germany during World War One without ever mentioning or hinting at the war or...
Literary responses Romer Wilson
Though Edward Shanks found this work something of a disappointment, he observed that no one could have mistaken it for anything but the work of a writer of high talent and higher promise.
Shanks, Edward. “Romer Wilson: Some Observations”. The London Mercury, No. 130, pp. 343 - 9.
Literary responses Romer Wilson
In her diary on 3 May 1921, Virginia Woolf , who had not yet read the novel, accurately predicted that it would win the Hawthornden Prize. Six days later, she recorded her disappointment in it:...
Literary responses Romer Wilson
This book garnered RW much praise. The Times Literary Supplement printed a rave review which concluded, the whole book is a tour de force as a reconstruction of a creative artist's intense hunger for more...
Literary responses Romer Wilson
The Times Literary Supplement felt that this novel fell short of RW 's previous ones. It found the effect on Storm of von Markheim's affair with Lotte to be unconvincing. It may be typical of...
Literary responses Romer Wilson
The Times Literary Supplement reviewed this novel harshly. It judged the story fairly dull and pointless, and took issue with Jill's girlish narrative tone: Miss Wilson's slangy unsophistication is not simplicity; it is merely an...
Literary responses Romer Wilson
This novella was sceptically received. New York Herald Tribune Books called it a nonsense melodrama of the passions done in the approved expressionist manner . . . Miss Wilson's is a real talent that seems...
Reception Romer Wilson
RW 's novels, tackling the complex philosophical and social issues that faced people in European countries in the years after the Great War, have been largely, if not entirely, forgotten. Her death at thirty-nine years...


10 July 1919
The Hawthornden Prize, founded by Alice Warrender (a Scottish baronet's daughter) and named after William Drummond of Hawthornden, was first awarded, for the best work of imaginative literature
Lowndes, Marie Belloc. Diaries and Letters of Marie Belloc Lowndes, 1911-1947. Marques, Susan LowndesEditor , Chatto and Windus, 1971.
of the year.
Dropmore Press was founded by Lord Kemsley as a private press under the direction of Edward Shanks , for experimental work in book production.