Joseph Highmore

Standard Name: Highmore, Joseph


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Friends, Associates Mehetabel Wright
Either now or later she met the writer John Duncombe and painter Joseph Highmore , as well as the novelist Samuel Richardson .
Knights, Elspeth. “A Licensuous Daughter: Mehetabel Wesley, 1697-1750”. Women’s Writing, Vol.
, No. 1, pp. 15-38.
17, 27
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Carter
EC associated on terms of warmth and equality with men of letters or culture such as Samuel Johnson , Samuel Richardson , Thomas Birch , Moses Browne , Richard Savage , William and John Duncombe
Leisure and Society Elizabeth Carter
Joseph Highmore painted EC in about 1738, holding a book in her hand and about to be crowned with a laurel wreath. This picture seems to be related to Samuel Johnson 's poem To Eliza...
Leisure and Society Teresia Constantia Phillips
In the year that publication began, she was painted by Joseph Highmore against a Jamaican background, and the painting was engraved. She kept Jamaican servants (probably slaves) at this date.
Wilson, Kathleen. The Island Race. Routledge.
133, 137, 145
Reception Elizabeth Carter
Joseph Highmore 's painting of her with book and laurel wreath, and John Fayram 's painting of her as a young Minerva in stylish armour with a copy of Plato , each of them associated...


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