Joseph Hall

Standard Name: Hall, Joseph


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Occupation Elizabeth Isham
Her needlework included doing Irish stitch, tent stitch, and purse-work, making bone lace and bodices, and knitting stockings, and she often gathered flowers in order to copy them in stitching.
Isham, Elizabeth. “Diary”. Constructing Elizabeth Isham.
Isham, Elizabeth. “Booke of Rememberances”. Constructing Elizabeth Isham, edited by Elizabeth Clarke.
It is clear...
Textual Production Emma Marshall
After Cowper, EMdid the poet George Herbert in Under Salisbury Spire, in the Days of George Herbert, the Recollections of Magdalene Wydville and the diarist Margaret Hoby in Eventide Light; or, Passages in the...


18 January 1609: John Healey's English version of the Latin...

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18 January 1609

John Healey 's English version of the Latin Mundus alter et idem, 1605, by satiristJoseph Hall was licensed by the Stationers' Company as A Discovery of a New World.


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