Margaret Clement

Standard Name: Clement, Margaret


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Family and Intimate relationships Margaret Roper
At about the time of Thomas More's second marriage the household expanded again to take in Margaret Giggs .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
This Margaret's daughter, Margaret Clement , later became the prioress of St Ursula's at Louvain...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Shirley
ES had a warm and close personal friendship with Margaret Clement . The day before Clement died the two of them joked together about the joys of the next world. Each being in some sense...
Occupation Elizabeth Shirley
The convent included about twenty-eight English nuns, and the English Margaret Clement was prioress, as she had been since 1569 and remained until 1606. She then retired from her leadership position because of ill-health, but...
Occupation Elizabeth Shirley
The seven included a lay sister.
Morris, John, editor. The Troubles of our Catholic Forefathers. Gregg International Publishers.
1: 218
The move was made at a time of fears that young Englishwomen might cease choosing Louvain in face of competition from other religious houses. One of them...
Occupation Winefrid Thimelby
She had an aunt already at the convent, and was later joined there by her sister Frances. St Monica's had been founded from St Ursula's at Louvain when the latter proved inadequate for the numbers...
Residence Gertrude Thimelby
This convent was linked with that of the nun and writer Gertrude More (who died in 1633) and her sister and cousins, all of whom were closely related to John Donne . It had been...
Textual Features Elizabeth Shirley
As a member of her community Shirley wrote for the good of that community. Though she professed to judge herself unworthy, she thought it her duty & part to write, hoping to inspire all those...
Textual Production Elizabeth Shirley
ES composed The lyfe of our moste reverent mother Margrit Clement, the former prioress of St Ursula's at Louvain; it is probably the earliest biography of a woman written in English from first-hand...
Textual Production Elizabeth Shirley
Margaret Clement , 1540-1612, was the adoptive grand-daughter of Sir Thomas More , a Catholic heroine and an exemplary nun. Her biographer calls her our good grandmother and a firebrand to inkendell me in the...


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