Lucy Walter

Standard Name: Walter, Lucy


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Textual Features Elizabeth Goudge
Her protagonist, Lucy Walter , was an actual person, mistress or perhaps wife to Charles II and mother of the Duke of Monmouth . EG was moved to write her story after reading Lucy Walter...
Textual Production Jean Plaidy
The Wandering Prince, the first Jean Plaidy novel in her Stuart series (a historical trilogy on Charles II ), portrayed Charles in exile through the eyes of his sister, Henriette Anne , and one...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Marie-Catherine d' Aulnoy
Among a number of ladies and noblemen-rakes, a leading character here is Lucy Walter , mistress and allegedly wife of Charles II and mother of the notorious Duke of Monmouth .


6 July 1685: The Duke of Monmouth's Rebellion, aimed at...

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6 July 1685

The Duke of Monmouth 's Rebellion, aimed at getting possession of the throne, ended in defeat at Sedgemoor in Somerset, with much loss of life.


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