Elizabeth Grubgeld

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Literary responses Emily Lawless
While EL self-effacingly suggested that her horticultural representation of Ireland is a pleasurable childishness,
Lawless, Emily. A Garden Diary. Methuen.
critic Elizabeth Grubgeld argues that her representation of personal history and cultural heritage in her garden and her Garden Diary...
Literary responses Emily Lawless
Lawless described The Book of Gilly as an analysis of nostalgia for childhood: the little boy's adventure is only a sort of cloak or screen to a series of small problems—as how impressions strike us...
Literary responses Emily Lawless
More recently, critics have examined EL 's novels in the context of her feminism or proto-feminism (particularly Grania, discussed in articles by Gerardine Meaney , Elizabeth Grubgeld , and James M. Cahalan ), as...


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Grubgeld, Elizabeth. Anglo-Irish Autobiography: Class, Gender, and the Forms of Narrative. Syracuse University Press, 2004.
Grubgeld, Elizabeth. “Emily Lawless’s <span data-tei-ns-tag="tei_title" data-tei-title-lvl=‘m’>Grania: The Story of an Island</span> (1892)”. É-Ireland, Vol.
, pp. 115-29.