Idris, King of Libya

Standard Name: Idris,, King of Libya


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Theme or Topic Treated in Text Rosita Forbes
RF nevertheless argued that the Senussi in general, and Emir Sidi Idris in particular, were not necessarily hostile to the British: they were merchants; they had found that moving skins and ivory abroad for sale...
Travel Rosita Forbes
Both of them continued to be great travellers, together or separately. A visit which RF planned to Yemen (again in the guise of Khadija) in 1922 was supposed to lead on to a crossing of...


1 September 1969
The aged King Idris of Libya, a paternalistic ruler and an ally of the West, was deposed and the army took power in his place.
“2 September 1969. Of kings and colonels in Libya”. Guardian Weekly, p. 22.