Adele Wiseman

Standard Name: Wiseman, Adele


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Dedications Margaret Laurence
ML published four books for children over a span of ten years: first Jason's Quest, 1970 (illustrated by Staffan Torell ), then Six Darn Cows, 1979 (contributed to a series called Kids of...
Friends, Associates Margaret Laurence
Among her fellow writers ML enjoyed a long and close friendship with Adele Wiseman . She also became a friend of the younger Alice Munro , who championed her in the censorship affair.
Literary responses Margaret Laurence
In her preface to her translations, written sixteen years later, ML said she was no antholopologist and called her own translations amateurish, but Mary Renault (an English historical novelist settled in South Africa), in a...
Textual Features Margaret Laurence
This book centres on its protagonist-narrator, ninety-year-old Hagar Shipley (née Currie), whom her creator described in a letter to Adele Wiseman as this daft old lady . . . crabby. snobbish. difficult, proud as Lucifer...
Textual Production Margaret Laurence
ML had often thought of writing her autobiography. She finished a draft of her memoir in July 1986, the month before she was diagnosed with lung cancer. While recovering from surgery she found herself physically...
Textual Production Ethel Wilson
EW expressed to John Gray some self-doubt as to whether she was truly qualified to speak to a university audience: How pretentious of me [to speak], who have [sic] nothing but a very treasured conferred...


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