Mary Aikenhead

Standard Name: Aikenhead, Mary


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Theme or Topic Treated in Text Bessie Rayner Parkes
This work features two founders of religious Orders in IrelandMary Aikenhead of the Sisters of Charity and Catherine McAuley of the Mercy Sisters —as well as Elizabeth Ann Seton of the USA.
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The Irish Presentation Order of nuns was founded in Dublin, to educate the poor, by Honora ('Nano') Nagle (who came from Catholic gentry stock in County Cork, and had independent wealth); they opened their...
With encouragement from the Archbishop of Dublin, Francis Ball returned to the Bar Convent at York (where she had been a pupil) as a novice, with the purpose of qualifying herself to improve the...
Sister Mary Aikenhead founded the Order of the Irish Sisters of Charity in Dublin, primarily to provide home nursing for the poor; later the Order played an important part in girls' education.
St Vincent's Hospital was opened in Dublin by the Irish Sisters of Charity ; this was the first formal training programme for Irish nurses, although only open to Catholics.
After March 1854
The Irish sisterhoods were asked to serve as nurses in the Crimean War; the Sisters of Mercy agreed but the Sisters of Charity declined.