Catherine McAuley

Standard Name: McAuley, Catherine


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Theme or Topic Treated in Text Bessie Rayner Parkes
This work features two founders of religious Orders in IrelandMary Aikenhead of the Sisters of Charity and Catherine McAuley of the Mercy Sisters —as well as Elizabeth Ann Seton of the USA.
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The Irish Presentation Order of nuns was founded in Dublin, to educate the poor, by Honora ('Nano') Nagle (who came from Catholic gentry stock in County Cork, and had independent wealth); they opened their...
Using a substantial inheritance, Catherine McAuley commissioned a building in Dublin which became schools and a residence for unemployed women.
September 1828
Catherine McAuley opened in Baggot Street, Dublin, her first House of Mercy , a centre for charity and teaching.
Catherine McAuley created the Order of the Sisters of Mercy in Ireland to care for the sick.