John Major

Standard Name: Major, John


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Friends, Associates P. D. James
Her friends and colleagues included people in Scotland Yard, forensic scientists, lawyers, and politicians (for example, the former Prime Minister John Major and his wife Norma ). She was a member of the Detection Club
Reception P. D. James
Prime Minister John Major arranged for PDJ a Life Peerage, and she became Baroness James of Holland Park.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.


Christmas Day 1950
Four Scottish Nationalist students removed from Westminster Abbey in London the Stone of Scone, on which Scottish kings had been crowned until Edward I seized it in 1296.
28 November 1990
Margaret Thatcher resigned (having lost in a ballot for party leader on the 20th), and John Major became Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party.
9 April 1992
The general election returned the Conservative Party under its new leader, John Major , to power, to the surprise of pollsters who had predicted a Labour win.
16 September 1992
On what became known as Black Wednesday, the pound sterling was driven out of the Exchange Rate Mechanism which tied it in with other European currencies: that is particularly the deutschmark.
1 May 1997
In the general election Labour , under its new leader, the young Scotsman Tony Blair , at last dislodged the Conservative Party from government.