Halliday Sutherland

Standard Name: Sutherland, Halliday


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politics Marie Stopes
A libel case mounted by MS against Halliday Sutherland was brought to trial; Stopes lost the case, which charged Sutherland with libel for his public criticism of her work as a birth control educator.
Hall, Ruth. Marie Stopes: A Biography. Deutsch, http://University of Waterloo - Porter.
214-5, 238
Textual Production Muriel Box
MB edited and published through her own newly founded Femina BooksThe Trial of Marie Stopes, reporting Stopes's unsuccessful libel action against Halliday Sutherland in 1923.
Greer, Germaine. Sex and Destiny. Harper and Row.


1926: The League of National Life was co-founded...

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The League of National Life was co-founded by Dr Halliday Sutherland and Dr Letitia Fairfield , among others, to combat the theory and practice of birth control.


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