Letitia Fairfield

Standard Name: Fairfield, Letitia


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Textual Features Rebecca West
The book is dedicated to her elder sister, Letitia Fairfield . Its title comes from Blake 's Proverbs of Hell in The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, quoted on the title page: The cistern...


Christine Murrell and Letitia Fairfield , in association with the Medical Women's Federation , set out to explode some damaging myths by launching a survey on menstrual experience among girls.
The League of National Life was co-founded by Dr Halliday Sutherland and Dr Letitia Fairfield , among others, to combat the theory and practice of birth control.
14 January 1933
The Lancet published An Investigation of Menopause in One Thousand Women, produced by the Medical Women's Federation (for which Christine Murrell and Letitia Fairfield had already researched the experience of menstruation).