Charlotte Stopes

Standard Name: Stopes, Charlotte
Birth Name: Charlotte Carmichael
Married Name: Charlotte Stopes
Pseudonym: Lutea Reseda
CS was a keen researcher who wrote extensive criticism on Shakespeare . In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, she published prolifically to support her family. An active feminist, she spoke and wrote widely and effectively on women's rights. In addition to her nine monographs, she published widely in periodicals and pamphlets.
Black-and-white photo of Charlotte Stopes, 1953. Looking off-camera, she is against a tree fabric background and has her arms crossed over            what could be a table top. She wears a hat with a feather in it.
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Family and Intimate relationships Marie Stopes
MS 's mother was Charlotte (Carmichael) Stopes (1841-1929), an active feminist and a publishing freelance scholar. She campaigned for women's suffrage and as well as her academic writing published children's stories on the one hand...


July 1889
Women's Suffrage: A Reply appeared in the Fortnightly Review to counter Mary Augusta Ward 's Appeal Against Female Suffrage in the previous month's Nineteenth Century.
3 November 1892
The first weekly number appeared in London of Shafts: a magazine of progressive thought (founded and edited by Margaret Shurmer Sibthorp ), which aimed at a working-class and female readership, and supported women's suffrage.
April 1900
Shafts, a paper for women and the working classes, then a magazine of progressive thought, ceased publication.


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