Henry Brewster

Standard Name: Brewster, Henry


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Cultural formation Ethel Smyth
In addition to her relationship with Henry Brewster , ES 's life was punctuated by a series of intense emotional attachments to women. In a letter to Brewster, she wondered why it is so much...
Family and Intimate relationships Ethel Smyth
ES met her greatest friend,
St John, Christopher. Ethel Smyth. Longmans, Green.
philosophic writer Henry Brewster .
St John, Christopher. Ethel Smyth. Longmans, Green.
Textual Features Ethel Smyth
Major characters in the narrative included Vernon Lee and Henry Brewster .
Woolf, Virginia. The Letters of Virginia Woolf. Editors Nicolson, Nigel and Joanne Trautmann, Hogarth Press.
6: 38n1
ES also wrote here, I am the most interesting person I know, and I don't care if no one else thinks...
Textual Production Ethel Smyth
As with Fantasio, Henry Brewster collaborated with ES on the libretto, a love-story. Smyth dedicated Der Wald to Brewster because though the actual story was mine, the spirit of it was a result of...
Textual Production Ethel Smyth
ES completed her best-known opera, The Wreckers, in 1904, with a libretto she wrote with Henry Brewster . This opera was known under several different titles. Les naufrageurs was the title of the first...


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