John Dunton

Standard Name: Dunton, John


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Employer Elizabeth Tipper
After this period ET 's prospects improved, to include employment, social life, and Honourable Friendship, but then another dark cloud intervened.
Tipper, Elizabeth. The Pilgrim’s Viaticum. Printed by J. Wilkins, 1698.
At the time of publication she was working hard, since she spent...
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Singer Rowe
Elizabeth Singer (later ESR ) was courted by several men. Whether or not she was seriously pursued by either Dunton or Prior (both worldly figures), her suitors included at least two dissenting clergymen. The Rev....
Family and Intimate relationships Susanna Wesley
SW 's sister Elizabeth (technically her half-sister: daughter of Samuel Annesley and his first wife) married in 1682 the publisher and journalist John Dunton , and kept remarkable diaries. She died in 1697.
Wesley, Susanna. “Introduction”. Susanna Wesley: The Complete Writings, edited by Charles Wallace, Oxford University Press, 1997.
Blain, Virginia, Patricia Clements, and Isobel Grundy, editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford, 1990.
Family and Intimate relationships Susanna Wesley
Like her, he had switched from Dissent to Anglicanism. He had a frivolous side, being one of John Dunton 's cronies and having published through Dunton a poetry volume entitled Maggots in 1685; Susanna met...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Singer Rowe
The highly innovative and slightly shady publisher John Dunton conducted some kind of professional relationship with Elizabeth Singer (later ESR ). Her father was upset by discovering about this in August 1695.
Stecher, Henry F. Elizabeth Singer Rowe, the Poetess of Frome: A Study in Eighteenth-Century English Pietism. Herbert Lang, 1973.
Dunton published...
Occupation Elinor James
He bound the first of his ten apprentices two years later. EJ was involved in the business as soon as the care of her children left her time, and seems to have been its executive...
Author summary Elizabeth Tipper
ET , an obscure late-seventeenth-century writer, was an accomplished poet (as her single collection shows) and worked for John Dunton as a regular periodical contributors: that is, a journalist.
Publishing Elizabeth Singer Rowe
John Dunton 's The Athenian Mercury featured Platonick Love by Elizabeth Singer (later ESR ), a poem which very deliberately echoes Friendship by Katherine Philips as well as treating favourite Philips themes.
Bigold, Melanie. “Elizabeth Rowe’s Fictional and Familiar Letters: Exemplarity, Enthusiasm, and the Production of Posthumous Meaning”. Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies, No. 1, pp. 1 - 14.
Publishing Elizabeth Singer Rowe
Elizabeth Singer (later ESR ), as Philomela, published poems in John Dunton 's The Athenian Mercury (formerly The Athenian Gazette).
Greer, Germaine, Susan Hastings, Jeslyn Medoff, and Melinda Sansone, editors. Kissing the Rod. Virago, 1988.
Stecher, Henry F. Elizabeth Singer Rowe, the Poetess of Frome: A Study in Eighteenth-Century English Pietism. Herbert Lang, 1973.
39, 52
Reception Elinor James
It may have been the same text that inspired John Dunton in his autobiographical A Voyage Round the World, 1691, to class her as a high-flown, visionary prophet of impossibly fine results from James's...
Textual Production Elizabeth Singer Rowe
On that date the magazine published a poem praising hers as the late Famous Pastoral Poem; but it had not published hers, of which no text is known earlier than her collected volume of...
Textual Production Elizabeth Bathurst
The fuller title is An Expostulatory Appeal to the Professors of Christianity, Joyned in Community with Samuel Ansley. EB says she made a proclamation to these people on the twentieth day of the eighth...


17 March 1691
John Dunton (in his tenth year as a London publisher) issued the first number of the periodical which then became the Athenian Mercury.
1 February 1692
The London Mercury (by no means the only journal to use this title at different times) began publication, with an appeal to John Dunton 's Athenian Mercury and to the fair Sex, of what Degree...
John Dunton dedicated volume 11 of his Athenian Mercury to the fictional Worshipfull Society of Mercury-Women . . . of London.
February-March 1693
John Dunton published, in London, the four issues of The Ladies' Mercury, a sister paper to the Athenian Mercury.
Publisher John Dunton issued The Ladies Dictionary; Being a General Entertainment For the Fair Sex: A Work Never attempted before in English.
14 June 1697
John Dunton 's Athenian Mercury ceased publication.
On the death of publisher Richard Baldwin from a slow consumption, his widow, Abigail , took over the business in name; she had in fact been running it for several years.
Thomas Leybourn published The Mathematical Questions proposed in the Ladies' Diary, and their original answers, together with some new solutions, from its commencement in the year 1704 to1816.