Alexander Fordyce

Standard Name: Fordyce, Alexander


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Cultural formation Alison Cockburn
She belonged to the established Church of Scotland (that is, Presbyterian). She was not, however, an orthodox Calvinist; she had enough belief to combat the atheism of her friend David Hume , but not such...
Family and Intimate relationships Lady Anne Barnard
Lady Anne's sister Margaret (later Burges) made a reluctant marriage to Alexander Fordyce (brother to the preacher and author Dr James Fordyce ) when she was eighteen. He had been born in Aberdeen but found...
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Isabella Spence
EIS 's uncles, her mother's brothers, included David Fordyce , an academic and early Scottish Enlightenment figure (who died before she was born), Rev Dr James Fordyce , author of the notorious Sermons to Young...


15-21 June 1772: A series of London banking firms collapsed...

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15-21 June 1772

A series of London banking firms collapsed after the bank associated with Alexander Fordyce stopped payment; ensuing panic brought the biggest stock-market crash since the South Sea Bubble burst in late 1720.

15 July 1772: The East India Company, whose steady stream...

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15 July 1772

The East India Company , whose steady stream of wealth coming out of India had diminished in the face of famine and suppression of local industry, asked the Bank of England for a bailout loan £400,000.


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