Norman Douglas

Standard Name: Douglas, Norman


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Textual Production Nancy Cunard
Secker and Warburg published NC 's memoirs of the controversial writer and paedophile Norman Douglas : Grand Man.
Chisholm, Anne. Nancy Cunard. Knopf.


1917: Scientist and travel-writer Norman Douglas...

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Scientist and travel-writer Norman Douglas published his most famous book, the novelSouth Wind, whose ironic questioning of conventional morality appealed to a war-weary public, bringing it great success.

1921: Norman Douglas published Alone, which the...

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Norman Douglas published Alone, which the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography calls the mellowest, most relaxed of his travel writings, the author's favourite and the last about Italy.

1923: Norman Douglas published Together a memoir...

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Norman Douglas published Together a memoir about his unusual childhood at Thüringen, Vorarlberg, Austria.


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