Elisha Kirkall

Standard Name: Kirkall, Elisha


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Leisure and Society Eliza Haywood
At some time before late August 1723 EH had painted by Jacques Parmentier the stylish portrait which adorns her Works, published this month. Many scholars have confused this with the probably non-existent portrait by...
Publishing Eliza Haywood
This may have been an expanded version of the unpublished collection The Danger of Giving Way to Passion, in Five Exemplary Novels.
Spedding, Patrick. A Bibliography of Eliza Haywood. Pickering and Chatto.
Volume one features an elegant portrait of EH by Jacques Parmentier
Reception Eliza Haywood
He said nothing of EH 's writings, but referred disparagingly (and, for later scholars, misleadingly) to the Kirkall portrait. Curll 's Compleat Key to the Dunciad, published ten days after Pope's poem, made the...


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