Standard Name: Salome


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Textual Features Lady Charlotte Elliot
The title piece, in Spenserian stanzas with an ababccdcc rhyme scheme, depicts Mary Magdalene being cajoled by Salome to seize the day. Mary, the poem's major speaker,                 weep[s] and moan[s]
  For wantonness of feasts and...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Elizabeth Tipper
Her own opening poem, On the Holy Bible, in stately, assured couplets, firmly asserts that her religious theme is higher than earthly glory, hero's deeds or lover's ecstasies, and she therefore begs: Not Mortal...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Katharine Tynan
KT opens this volume (like her Ballads and Lyrics) with a prefatory poem that is modest, if not apologetic: A small monotonous song I sing, / My notes are faint and few.
Tynan, Katharine. Cuckoo Songs. Elkin Mathews and John Lane.


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