Stella Browne

Standard Name: Browne, Stella


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Textual Production Dora Marsden
The Freewoman's other writing contributors included Rebecca West , radical feminists Ada Neild Chew and Theresa Billington-Greig , Stella Browne (later founder of the Abortion Law Reform Association ), anarchists Rose Witcop and Guy Aldred


October 1915
At a meeting of the British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology , Stella Browne presented a paper arguing that women's sexual and maternal instincts could be separated.
Later May 1924
The Workers' Birth Control Group was formed. The group's formation was intended to bring birth control supporters in the Labour and Co-operative ranks together.
2 November 1932
A meeting on the present laws concerning abortion was held under the auspices of the World League for Sexual Reform , British section. Speakers included Dora Russell , Janet Chance , Stella Browne , and...
17 February 1936
The Abortion Law Reform Association was founded to reform the law as enshrined in the Offences Against the Person Act of 1861. The idea arose from a conference organized the previous year by a doctor...
Stella Browne testified before a parliamentary committee on abortion (which was then illegal), as a matter of public duty, about her knowledge in my own person that abortion was not necessarily fatal or injurious to...