William Hone

Standard Name: Hone, William


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Publishing Mary Cowden Clarke
MCC makes mention in her autobiography of some but not all of her many periodical writings. After her pieces for William Hone 's The Table Book, her earliest publication seems to have been in...
Textual Production Mary Cowden Clarke
Following her marriage on 5 July 1828, MCC was determined to earn some contribution to our family income.
Clarke, Mary Cowden. My Long Life. Dodd, Mead, 1896.
In pursuit of this goal she wrote an essay, My Arm Chair, and submitted it...
Textual Production Hannah More
The year 1816 saw strained political circumstances in Britain, when the end of the Napoleonic wars brought unemployment, rising prices, and (in the opinion of the government) the threat of revolution. HM was called on...


26 June 1815
Elizabeth Fenning , an Irish servant in London, aged just twenty-two, was hanged for attempted murder, by poisoned dumplings, of her male employer and his son and daughter-in-law.
January 1817
The Prince Regent , on his way to open Parliament , was the target of (probably) a stone which broke the window of the state coach; like a similar missile hurled at his father on...
May 1817
Opposition publisher William Hone was arrested for blasphemous libel on the strength of three politicalpamphlets that parodied the Book of Common Prayer.