George Mallory

Standard Name: Mallory, George


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Friends, Associates Ann Bridge
As a small girl AB met Florence Nightingale , whom she remembered as a very old lady, with a ravaged, majestically intelligent face. . . . the hand that writes these words has touched the...
Occupation Ann Bridge
She became a passionate mountain climber. At nineteen, she was a member of the Ladies' Alpine Club and was known for skilful climbing in the Alps (with professional guides) and in the mountains of Central...
Wealth and Poverty Dorothy Bussy
At these times they rented out La Souco, a practice which became an important source of income. Their tenants included Rudyard Kipling , George Mallory , and André Malraux ; André Gide and Julian Morrell


29 May 1953: The summit of Mount Everest, highest mountain...

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29 May 1953

The summit of Mount Everest, highest mountain in the world, was first reached: by the Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and the New Zealander Edmund Hillary (who was later knighted).


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