Antoinette de Bourignon

Standard Name: Bourignon, Antoinette de


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Friends, Associates Anna Maria van Schurman
During her years as a Labadist AMS was visited by a number of English Quakers and corresponded with the mystic and quietist Antoinette de Bourignon .
Intertextuality and Influence Sarah, Lady Cowper
The diary's first volume opens with a preface which expresses conventional modesty bluntly, without the customary effort at elegance or grace: Books generally begin with a Preface which draws in the Reader to go on...
Literary responses May Drummond
From the first, however, MD 's preaching was polarizing, attracting not only praise but also criticism more hostile than Cookworthy's. She was blamed for her social manner, for being visibly of a higher rank than...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Elizabeth Burnet
This journal includes much philosophical writing. EB 's detailed critique of the mystic Antoinette de Bourignon (correspondent of Anna Maria van Schurman ) embodies an ingenious rational explanation of enthusiasm or belief in a divine...


1733: The physician George Cheyne published his...

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The physician George Cheyne published his treatise on spleen, vapours, or what today is called depression, under the title of The English Malady.


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