James Burney

Standard Name: Burney, James


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Family and Intimate relationships Frances Burney
FB 's elder brother, James , went into the navy. After years as a captain, he became an admiral shortly before his death.
Family and Intimate relationships Sarah Harriet Burney
SHB left home to live with her eldest half-brother, James ; this action caused immense scandal at the time, and has been much debated since.
Burney, Sarah Harriet. “Editor’s Introduction”. The Letters of Sarah Harriet Burney, edited by Lorna J. Clark, Georgia University Press.
Literary responses Elizabeth Gunning
The critics were markedly less friendly than heretofore, the Critical complaining that the past and the present are strangely blended, and James Burney in the Monthly that the early volumes had too much dissertation and...
Literary responses Mrs F. C. Patrick
The Critical Review ascribed more than common merit to this novel (saying it had achieved an extraordinary coup in not giving disgust by the impossibility of its incidents), and that some passages were deeply...
Literary responses Sarah Harriet Burney
Again the Critical offered praise but called the novel inferior to Evelina and Cecilia. Its highest accolade is that there is a something in the ease and elegance of it, that speaks of the...
Residence Eliza Fenwick
Presumably during the course of this move, the Fenwick family (including the dog) arrived to stay for a week at the home of Charles and Mary Lamb , being apparently homeless.
Burton, Sarah. A Double Life: A Biography of Charles and Mary Lamb. Viking.
Mary Lamb, who...
Travel Mary Lamb
Next summer they visited James Burney (brother of Frances) and his family on the Isle of Wight. In 1804 they economised by going no further than Richmond in Surrey. In June 1807 they...


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