Charles-François Dumourier

Standard Name: Dumourier, Charles-François
Used Form: Charles-Francois Dumourier
Used Form: General Dumourier


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Family and Intimate relationships Eliza Fenwick
He took with him a presentation copy of Godwin 's newly-published Political Justice.
Grundy, Isobel, and Eliza Fenwick. “Introduction and Appendices”. Secresy, 2ndnd ed, Broadview, pp. 7 - 34, 361.
The next year he published part one of a translation from French: Memoirs of General Dumourier, a military leader...
Family and Intimate relationships Eglinton Wallace
EW 's contact with Dumourier in England provided material for the scandal sheet Bon Ton, which constructed a ribald narrative out of Lady Eglantine Wallace's romantic misadventures in the last issue of 1793.
Morris, Marilyn. “Marital Litigation and English Tabloid Journalism: Crim. Con. in <span data-tei-ns-tag="tei_title" data-tei-title-lvl=‘j’>The Bon Ton</span> (1791-1796)”. Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Vol.
, No. 1, pp. 33-54.
Friends, Associates Eglinton Wallace
In forming her friendship, both personal and politically inflected, with General Charles-François Dumourier , EW was singling out a professional soldier, a traveller, and one of those whose loyalties fluctuated with the political situation. Having...
politics Eglinton Wallace
By the time of her European visit of 1792 she had given offence, by the anti-Catholicism expressed in her Letter to Capt. William Wallace, to authorities in Liège and Spa.
Wallace, Eglinton. The Conduct of the King of Prussia and General Dumouriez. J. Debrett.
At Liège she...
Residence Eglinton Wallace
EW spent a good deal of time in continental Europe. She is said to have left London for foreign countries in 1788, after her second play was damned in the theatre. But she gave the...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Eglinton Wallace
She opens with an apology for any lack of clarity in the Conduct, caused by her writing in such haste. She dismisses the French national character as infantile though precocious, just emerging from the...


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