Robert Clive

Standard Name: Clive, Robert


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Family and Intimate relationships Mariana Starke
Her father, Richard Starke , a reader with the East India Company , had been deputy director of Fort St George at Madras, then of Fort St David at Cuddalore, where he was...
Publishing Phebe Gibbes
This work (which appeared just before the historical Robert Clive was re-appointed Governor of Bengal) brought her five guineas. It was reprinted in facsimile by Garland Publishing in 1975.
Gibbes, Phebe. “Introduction”. Hartly House, Calcutta, edited by Michael J. Franklin, Oxford University Press, p. xi - lvii.
xi, xiv n16
Textual Features Mariana Starke
The play is set on the Coromandel Coast in India. It draws on the Indian colonial experience of MS 's father and her class-rooted conviction that the evils of colonialism arise from the inferior...


June 1757: Robert Clive's forces defeated the Nawab...

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June 1757

Robert Clive 's forces defeated the Nawab of Bengal at the battle of Plassey, consolidating UK power on the subcontinent.

2 June 1758: In a temporary reversal of Robert Clive's...

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2 June 1758

In a temporary reversal of Robert Clive 's consolidation of British power in India, French forces recaptured Fort St David.

22 October 1764: Clive achieved complete control over Bengal,...

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22 October 1764

Clive achieved complete control over Bengal, by defeating Mir Kasim and his north Indian allies at Buxar.


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