Giles Jacob

Standard Name: Jacob, Giles


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Family and Intimate relationships Susanna Centlivre
Giles Jacob and John Mottley respectively wrote that SC was married or something like it
Bowyer, John Wilson. The Celebrated Mrs Centlivre. Duke University Press.
at fourteen or fifteen, but that the relationship lasted only a year. The names Mr Rawkins, Mr Fox, and...
Literary responses Martha Fowke
Giles Jacob praised MF in The Poetical Register, 1719-20, and in Human Happiness, A Poem, 1721. In The Poetical Register he claimed that her genius was as much a national asset to Britain...
Literary responses Delarivier Manley
A series of various keys attached to later editions fed curiosity about the originals of DM 's portraits, without actually giving very much away.
Manley, Delarivier. “Introduction”. New Atalantis, edited by Ros Ballaster, Pickering and Chatto, p. v - xxviii.
Her work can claim some credit for the collapse of...
Literary responses Catharine Trotter
Anne Kelley traces in detail successive judgements passed on Trotter (later Cockburn) by her contemporaries and by the later eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries,
Kelley, Anne. Catharine Trotter: An Early Modern Writer in the Vanguard of Feminism. Ashgate.
and delivers her own judgement that she was a radical...
Occupation Jane Wiseman
A Mrs Wiseman who appeared on stage in London around 1700, playing the role of Roxolana in Roger Boyle, Earl of Orrery 's The Tragedy of Mustapha, may have been the future playwright.
Highfill, Philip H. et al. A Biographical Dictionary of Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Dancers, Managers and Other Stage Personnel in London, 1660-1800. Southern Illinois University Press.
16: 195
Textual Production Martha Fowke
It has recently been suggested among scholars that MF is the hitherto unidentified author of another and larger group of poems in the Barbados Gazette. Bill Overton thinks it possible, Phyllis Guskin thinks it...


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Jacob, Giles. The Poetical Register. E. Curll, 1720.