Mrs Ross

Standard Name: Ross, Mrs
The still unidentified novelist Mrs Ross , known only by her surname, published a rush of titles—seven—between 1811 and 1816. Her work is racy, highly-coloured, and heavily moralised. Later works once listed as hers have now been re-attributed to Elizabeth B. Lester .


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Literary responses Elizabeth B. Lester
Of the anti-Catholic arguments, Peter Garside (the first to disentangle the identities of these two writers) comments: A far cry from jolly Mrs Ross !
Garside, Peter. “Mrs. Ross and Elizabeth B. Lester: New Attributions”. Cardiff Corvey: Reading the Romantic Text, Vol.
The sales figures suggest that EBL was declining in popularity.
Textual Features Elizabeth B. Lester
Its title-page quotes from Akenside , but the tutelary genius of the novel is Shakespeare , several of whose plays have left their mark on it. The story opens (recalling two of Mrs Ross 's...
Textual Features Helen Craik
Authors quoted on HC 's title-page include La Rochefoucauld . Mary Robinson 's Walsingham is quoted in volume two and supplies the epigraph for volume three.
Craciun, Adriana, and Kari E. Lokke, editors. “The New Cordays: Helen Craik and British Representations of Charlotte Corday, 1793-1800”. Rebellious Hearts: British Women Writers and the French Revolution, State University of New York Press, pp. 193-32.
The story opens shortly before the French Revolution...
Textual Production Elizabeth B. Lester
Critic Peter Garside , writing in the electronic journal Cardiff Corvey, notes that while the subtitle of The Bachelor and the Married Man links it explicitly with The Balance of Comfort (a novel by...
Textual Production Elizabeth Meeke
Again publishing in her own name, EM may have launched a fictional debate on marriage with the lengthily-titled Matrimony, The Height of Bliss, or the Extreme of Misery. A Novel, whose titlepage said 1812...
Textual Production Elizabeth B. Lester
EBL published two novels: The Quakers, A Tale, which has always been known as hers, and The Bachelor and the Married Man; or, the Equilibrium of "The Balance of Comfort", previously attributed to...
Textual Production Elizabeth B. Lester
EBL published The Physiognomist. A Novel, as the author of The Bachelor and the Married Man; this ensured that it has been usually attributed to Mrs Ross .
Garside, Peter et al., editors. The English Novel 1770-1829. Oxford University Press.
2: 464
Textual Production Elizabeth B. Lester
EBL published her final novel, The Woman of Genius. Its title-page lists no previous work, but a listing elsewhere as by the author of The Bachelor and the Married Man again produced ascription to...


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Ross, Mrs. Paired—Not Matched. Minerva, 1815.
Ross, Mrs. The Balance of Comfort. Minerva, 1817.
Ross, Mrs. The Cousins. Minerva, 1811.
Ross, Mrs. The Family Estate. Minerva, 1815.
Ross, Mrs. The Marchioness!!!. Minerva, 1813.
Ross, Mrs. The Modern Calypso. Minerva, 1814.
Ross, Mrs. The Strangers of Lindenfeldt. Minerva, 1813.