Florence, Viscountess Harberton

Standard Name: Harberton, Florence,,, Viscountess
Used Form: Lady Harberton


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politics Sarah Grand
SG campaigned for the Rational Dress Movement, which gained momentum in the 1880s when Lady Harberton established the Rational Dress Society (1881).
Kersley, Gillian. Darling Madame: Sarah Grand and Devoted Friend. Virago Press.
The movement sought to release women from the constraints of huge hoop...
politics John Strange Winter
JSW 's interest in animal welfare was linked to her passion for dress reform, notably her opposition to the use of birds in decoration or fashion (a letter she wrote to Charlotte Yonge details how...


1881: Lady Harberton founded the Rational Dress...

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Lady Harberton founded the Rational Dress Society which proposed dress reform for women, denounced tight-lacing and high heels, and advocated divided skirts.

1899: A lawsuit was brought against Martha Sprague,...

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A lawsuit was brought against Martha Sprague , landlady of the Hautboy Inn at Ockham in Surrey, after she refused to serve Viscountess Harberton , founder of the Rational Dress Society , with lunch...


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