Gillian Hanna

Standard Name: Hanna, Gillian


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Material Conditions of Writing Claire Luckham
Gillian Hanna wrote fifteen years later that this play was created during a period of excitement and turmoil, involved a seemingly endless process of to-ing and fro-ing between the authors and the company to the...
Textual Features Bryony Lavery
Calamity Jane (Jane Cannary Hickok , 1848-1903) was a frontierswoman of the American Wild West who was credited with various daring feats and impossible rescues. Gillian Hanna calls this recreation of her a three-woman...
Textual Production Claire Luckham
The play's title puns on the fictional SCUM, Society for Cutting Up Men, devised by the American Valerie Solanas her feminist SCUM Manifesto, published in 1968. It also alludes to one of the nine...


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