Valerie Solanas

Standard Name: Solanas, Valerie


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Literary responses Christabel Pankhurst
Nearly twenty years later Sylvia Pankhurst accused this book of sensationalism and of preaching the sex war deprecated and denied by the older Suffragists.
Purvis, June, and Maureen Wright. “Writing Suffragette History: the contending autobiographical narratives of the Pankhursts”. Women’s History Review, Vol.
, No. 3/4, pp. 405-33.
In the later twentieth century it was dismissed by a...
Textual Production Claire Luckham
The play's title puns on the fictional SCUM, Society for Cutting Up Men, devised by the American Valerie Solanas her feminist SCUM Manifesto, published in 1968. It also alludes to one of the nine...


1968: US feminist Valerie Solanas published her...

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US feminist Valerie Solanas published her feministSCUM Manifesto, titled from SCUM, the Society for Cutting Up Men (which seems to have existed in name only).


Solanas, Valerie. The SCUM Manifesto.