Jules Verne

Standard Name: Verne, Jules


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Education Agatha Christie
By the time Agatha was born, Clara Miller believed that girls ought not to learn to read before the age of eight. Defiantly, Agatha taught herself to read at five. She eagerly devoured Lewis Carroll
Friends, Associates Marie Belloc Lowndes
As a child she had already met several distinguished writers in England, and Mary Clarke Mohl and Turgenev in France.
Lowndes, Marie Belloc. I, Too, Have Lived in Arcadia. Macmillan.
As a young adult she quickly became known to many eminent members of the...
Literary responses Margaret Atwood
Ursula K. Le Guin, reviewing, noted the rarity of individual characters of some complexity in satire (even Atwood's own satire), and therefore particularly welcomed the female characters here as real people, but heartbreaking ones...
Textual Production Frances Sarah Hoey
A lifelong Francophile, FSH supplemented her income through translations of twenty-seven French and Italian texts, seven in collaboration with John Lillie . During the 1870's and 1880's she produced an average of more than one...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Marie Belloc Lowndes
This book deals very largely with her French extended family, her visits to France as a young adult, and her French social circles. She meant it to dispel certain false ideas, English rather than American...


8 February 1828: Novelist Jules Verne was born in Nantes in...

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8 February 1828

Novelist Jules Verne was born in Nantes in France.

1864: Jules Verne published A Journey to the Centre...

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Jules Verne published A Journey to the Centre of the Earth; this French science-fictionnovel was translated into English in 1872.

20 March 1869-20 June 1870: Jules Verne serially published in French...

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20 March 1869-20 June 1870

Jules Verne serially published in French his science-fictionnovelTwenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

6 November-22 December 1872: Jules Verne's adventure novel Around the...

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6 November-22 December 1872

Jules Verne 's adventurenovelAround the World in Eighty Days appeared in its original form, serially published in French in Le Temps.

1889: Elizabeth Cochrane(Nellie Bly), the notorious...

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Elizabeth Cochrane (Nellie Bly), the notorious Americanreporter, set out to better the (fictional) record for travellingaround the world set by the hero of Jules Verne 'snovel Around the World in EightyDays.

24 March 1905: Jules Verne, novelist, died in Amiens, F...

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24 March 1905

Jules Verne , novelist, died in Amiens, France.


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