Annie Thomas

Standard Name: Thomas, Annie


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Literary responses Mary Elizabeth Braddon
His article, Sensation Novelists: Miss Braddon, which covered seven novels she had published since 1862, made a famous personal attack in asserting that her work evidenced familiarity with a very low type of female...
Reception Ouida
Within a few years of her first novel's publication, Ouida had attained some celebrity as a writer, but not all the attention she received was positive. While her sales were strong, she was attacked for...
Textual Features Margaret Oliphant
Oliphant develops an extended critique of her chief bugbears, Mary Elizabeth Braddon (the leader of her school
Oliphant, Margaret. “Novels”. Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Vol.
, W. Blackwood, pp. 257-80.
), Rhoda Broughton (not by name, but as author of Cometh Up As a Flower),...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Sophia Jex-Blake
SJB 's review is largely informational. It covers works of fiction including New Grooves by Annie Thomas , A Woman-Hater by Charles Reade , Dr. Edith Romney by Anne Elliot , Doctor Zay by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps


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