Alexander Drummond

Standard Name: Drummond, Alexander


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Family and Intimate relationships May Drummond
MD 's second brother, Alexander , must be the one who was said to be the only member of her family not to oppose her becoming a Quaker preacher.
Story, Thomas.
Alexander set off in May...
Wealth and Poverty May Drummond
Back in Scotland in the later 1750s, she was alleged by hostile rumour to have become a drunkard, and so poor that she stooped to pilfering food from the houses of Friends whom she visited...


By March 1767: There was published in London The Female...

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By March 1767

There was published in LondonThe Female American; or, The Adventures of Unca Elizabeth Winkfield, whose mixed-race heroine recounts her life story.


Drummond, Alexander. Information for Alexander Drummond. 1768.