Barbara Grier

Standard Name: Grier, Barbara


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Cultural formation Patricia Highsmith
PH was aware of her lesbianism, she said in her private papers, from the age of six. At twelve she felt she was a boy in a girl's body (though her appearance was pretty and...
Friends, Associates Maureen Duffy
At this time she was friendly with a group of writers connected with the Royal Court Theatre , and also with authors J. G. Farrell and Heathcote Williams , and with publisher Graham Nicol ...
Literary responses Patricia Highsmith
When Barbara Grier found the book in a Kansas department store in 1952, she was thrilled: It was a very upbeat, pro-lesbian book, which in itself was a miracle.
Contemporary Literary Criticism. Gale Research.
102: 219
Michael Dirda said it...
Publishing Patricia Highsmith
Harper rejected this novel, and it came out pseudonymously from Coward-McCann as The Price of Salt. A paperback followed in 1953, in which the work sold more than a million.
Dirda, Michael. “This Woman Is Dangerous”. The Guardian, p. between pp. 12 and 13.
between 12 and 13


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