Rona Robinson

Standard Name: Robinson, Rona


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Cultural formation Dora Marsden
This constant mobility did not preclude DM from forming loving relationships with several women at this time, however, apart from the constant support provided by her mother . Rona Robinson , a close friend from...
Occupation Dora Marsden
Here she worked closely with two other Owen's College graduates, Frances M. Kirk and Rona Robinson . She earned an annual salary of £110, which was raised to £130 with her last promotion.
Garner, Les. A Brave and Beautiful Spirit: Dora Marsden, 1882-1960. Avebury.
politics Dora Marsden
When she returned to the north after living in Colchester, DM became more actively involved with the formal suffrage movement, particularly the WSPU . Along with Rona Robinson , she was attracted to the ideals...
politics Dora Marsden
Following a physical struggle with police and onlookers, Marsden was arrested along with Rona Robinson , Emily Wilding Davison , and several others. Her experience was covered not only in Votes for Women, but...
politics Dora Marsden
According to Marsden, twelve to fifteen people were expected at this meeting but about a hundred attended. Meetings were open to male and female members and were held every two weeks, while chapters were also...
politics Mary Gawthorpe
One of her many arrests (this one together with Dora Marsden and Rona Robinson ) came at Victoria University, Manchester , on 4 October 1909, when they faced the prospect of prison and force-feeding, though...
politics Dora Marsden
DM , Mary Gawthorpe , and Rona Robinson were arrested in their academic gowns at Manchester University after protesting against the recent start of force-feeding at Birmingham's Winson Green Prison .
Garner, Les. A Brave and Beautiful Spirit: Dora Marsden, 1882-1960. Avebury.
Barash, Carol. “Dora Marsden’s Feminism, the <span data-tei-ns-tag="tei_title" data-tei-title-lvl=‘j’>Freewoman</span>, and the Gender Politics of Early Modernism”. Princeton University Library Chronicle, Vol.
, No. 1, pp. 31-56.
politics Dora Marsden
The University Settlement at Manchester sponsored the Fawcett Debating Society , whose all-female speakers addressed such topics as the state and the home, women in politics, marriage, and child labour. Dora's contemporaries within and outside...
Textual Production Dora Marsden
At the rally Marsden appeared on the Union platform, along with Emmeline and Adela Pankhurst , Flora Drummond , Mary Gawthorpe , and Rona Robinson . Marsden 's suffrage work was also regularly reported in...


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