Jane Maxwell, Duchess of Gordon

Standard Name: Gordon, Jane Maxwell,,, Duchess of
Used Form: Jane, Duchess of Gordon


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Dedications Christian Milne
CM 's Simple Poems, on Simple Subjects was published under her (married) name at Aberdeen, by subscription (she celebrated her subscribers in a poem on 20 May) and dedicated to the Duchess of Gordon
Dedications Elizabeth Isabella Spence
The book is dedicated to the Duke of Gordon (whose late wife, the controversial Jane, Duchess of Gordon , had also received dedications from several Scotswomen).
Spence, Elizabeth Isabella. Letters from the North Highlands, During the Summer 1816. Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown.
The copy now at Chawton House Library is...
Family and Intimate relationships Eglinton Wallace
Her next elder sister, Jane , is rumoured to have been a wild child, hitching a ride in the street on passing pigs and carts; she lost a finger by getting it trapped in a...
Friends, Associates Anne Grant
In the spring of 1809, AG went to Edinburgh in search of a house. Invited to her home by the Duchess of Gordon , she met there Sir Walter Scott . Around the same time...
Textual Features Dorothea Primrose Campbell
She dedicated the volume to Jane, Duchess of Gordon .
Gordon was well known as a social and political mover. Her reputation included great beauty, quick repartee, excellent business sense, astute match-making, and also coarse...


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