Henry William Massingham

Standard Name: Massingham, Henry William
Used Form: H. W. Massingham


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Friends, Associates Mary Agnes Hamilton
One of Lee's beliefs, pronounced that evening, was: Patriotism . . . is the power to be ashamed of your country.
Hamilton, Mary Agnes. Remembering My Good Friends. Jonathan Cape.
MAH credits Lady Ottoline with holding the pacifist movement together; many meetings took...
Occupation Elizabeth Robins
ER , William Archer , Alfred Sutro , and H. W. Massingham founded the New Century Theatre , an independent subscription society with intellectual and artistic aims.
John, Angela V. Elizabeth Robins: Staging a Life, 1862-1952. Routledge.
Demastes, William W., and Katherine E. Kelly, editors. British Playwrights, 1880-1956. Greenwood Press.
Textual Production Charlotte Mew
The Nation, edited by H. W. Massingham , had already published CM 's poem Requiescat in 1909.
Fitzgerald, Penelope. Charlotte Mew and Her Friends. Collins, p. 240 pp.
96, 101
Textual Production Evelyn Sharp
The editor, H. W. Massingham , a supporter of the suffrage cause (though not of its violent manifestations) had commissioned her for this article. In choosing this venue for her exposition of suffrage issues she...


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