Sarah More

Standard Name: More, Sarah


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Family and Intimate relationships Hannah More
Hannah's elder sisters were Mary , Elizabeth , and Sarah or Sally; the younger was Martha or Patty. When they lived together, each played a particular role and offered some particular contribution to the family...
Family and Intimate relationships Hannah More
The More sisters departed this life in the same order in which they had entered it, with the exception of Hannah. Mary More died on 18 April 1813, Elizabeth on 14 June 1816, Sally on...
Literary responses Charlotte Maria Tucker
Marshall's prediction proved true: CMT 's audience disappeared as the Victorian age ended. However, the Dictionary of Literary Biography acknowledges that her successful introduction of imaginative richness into didactic literature influenced other authors and established...
Textual Production Hannah More
Of a total of 114 tracts, HM wrote fifty herself. Her sisters Sally and Patty contributed (Patty with a single tract), as did the Clapham Sect , Hester Mulso Chapone (Mary Wood the Housemaid...


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