Martin Secker

Standard Name: Secker, Martin


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Family and Intimate relationships Viola Meynell
At the same time that she was courted by Radford, VM was also involved in an increasingly intimate relationship with Martin Secker , her publisher. With the onset of the war, Secker pressured her for...
Publishing Viola Meynell
VM was to receive a royalty of 15% on the first thousand copies Lot Barrow sold, 17 and a half per cent on the next thousand, and 20% on anything beyond that point. She received...
Publishing Willa Muir
In the summer of 1929, Edwin Muir went to the publisher Martin Secker with the suggestion of publishing an English version of Die Schloss. The couple started work together on the translation shortly thereafter...


September 1910: Martin Secker founded his own publishing...

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September 1910

Martin Secker founded his own publishing house at 5 John Street, Adelphi, London, after leaving the publishing house of James Malcolm Eveleigh Nash .

15 March 1936: Frederic Warburg bought Martin Secker's bankrupt...

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15 March 1936

Frederic Warburg bought Martin Secker 's bankrupt publishing house and founded Martin Secker and Warburg Limited ; Secker remained in charge of production until 1938.


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