Henry Morley

Standard Name: Morley, Henry,, 1822 - 1894


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Intertextuality and Influence Harriet Martineau
Her pamphlet was an attack on a recent series of pieces by Henry Morley in Household Words on the dangers of unfenced machinery, and the unworkability of the related factory acts legislation. HM also attacked...
Literary responses Anna Swanwick
Again letters of appreciation poured in, though several people confessedly wrote without, or before, studying the text at all carefully. Robert Browning wrote, Yours has been a wonderful undertaking.
Bruce, Mary Louisa. Anna Swanwick, A Memoir and Recollections 1813-1899. T. F. Unwin.
Professor Paley praised the ease...
Literary responses Emma Caroline Wood
Not all responses to this novel were negative. Professor Henry Morley of University College, London , wrote an unsolicited letter which was printed and circulated to defend Sorrow on the Sea from the prevailing charges...
Publishing Mary Wollstonecraft
Many critics describe this as a travel book: the first one by a Romantic writer to deal with the exotic North. Critic Gary Kelly , however, says that it purports
Kelly, Gary. Revolutionary Feminism: The Mind and Career of Mary Wollstonecraft. Macmillan.
to be a travel...


1851: Johann and Bertha Ronge established at Hampstead...

Building item


Johann and Bertha Ronge established at Hampstead the first kindergarten in England, a school designed to foster physical and mental development in young children.


Defoe, Daniel. The Earlier Life and Chief Earlier Works of Daniel Defoe. Editor Morley, Henry, George Routledge, 1889.